A Birthday Story

February 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Once upon a day, Parents were laying in a field adjacent to their beautiful garden.  In a whiff, you could smell the subtleties of every flower known to all beings.

A few minutes had passed when Children ran up to Parents.

Parents eyed The Children in loving wonder.

“What may We do for You?” asked Parents.

The older Girl and the younger Boy said, “Please tell Us the story of existence. It’s Our favorite. We always have new questions to ask.”

Parents loved to tell this story and were pleased at Children’s request.  They decided to give this ‘omega-tale’ a good flip, to continue expanding Children’s intellect.

“As You know,” Parents began, “The Universe exists.  But there is a way of thinking that a lot of humans subscribe to.  It is known as ‘artificialism’”.

“What is artificialism?” asked Younger Boy.

“Artificialism is when homo-sapiens think somebody, God as a sole entity for instance, actually, made the world.  A lot of Free-Thinkers & Free-Speakers, or heretics as They are known within fundamental-religious circles, would consider this ‘the knowledgeless child’s way of thinking’: the flowers and trees are in the ground, so somebody planted them; you can hear music, so someone is playing an instrument; the chair is made, so somebody built the chair; the painting has paint, so somebody painted it; the world is here, so somebody must have formed it.”

Older Girl had a sad expression on Her seraphic face.

“Tell Us what You’re thinking,” said Parents.

“A lot of My friends fight because they have opposing views on the birth of the Universe.  Some say it was created, others say it evolved, others more say it doesn’t matter because they’ll never know for sure.  They disdain and hate each other due to their differing ideas, and they argue endlessly to defend what they believe is accurate.”

“I think they fight because they don’t like to admit when they’re wrong.  It certainly doesn’t initially feel good to the emotions and ego,” said Younger Boy.

“That’s true, sometimes,” said Parents, “But often times it’s because they find it impossible to accept change and to alter their given-opinion of things.  These friends You speak of, to Us, obviously, have upbringers who did not teach them that change and variety of views and ideas are good.”

“Please explain,” Older Girl commanded humbly.

“Consider this; what if from the time You were born We told You that You and the world were created, and when You come to an age of supposed-maturity, enlightenment, and are Free to think for Yourself, We change Our story and tell You that You evolved from an amoeba, or that You weren’t created by natural means, but cloned, adopted, or the like?”

Older Girl thought about this.  After a long moment of silent consideration, She spoke.

“I would be very angry.  I would feel as if I’d been lied to and that I couldn’t trust a word You said to Me.  I would be upset with Myself for believing a lie – I’d feel tricked; why would You lie to Me?  Don’t You love Me enough to tell Me the truth so I wouldn’t walk this Earth defending a falsehood? I’d feel enraged with Myself for not seeking Truth by My own merit and on My own terms instead of simply perpetuating what Parents told Me what They thought was right, based on, consequently, what Their ignorant Parents told Them, and so on and so forth to the beginning of Life.  All these thoughts, questions, and more came to My mind.”

A knowing smile slithered on Parents’ wise visage.

“And that is precisely why people argue, disagree, banish, lie to, fight, and kill to defend what they believe,” said Parents,  “And why it is unprofitable to continue telling You this Birthday Story.”

~ written by Hiram Surtyr ~

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