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The goal of tattooing [is] never beauty. The goal [is] change. 

From the scarified Nubian priests of 2000 B.C., to the tattooed acolytes of the Cybele cult of ancient Rome, to the moko scars of the modern Maori, humans have tattooed themselves as a way of offering up their bodies in partial sacrifice, enduring the physical pain of embellishment and emerging changed beings.

…tattoos [have] become a rite of passage shared by millions of people in the modern age – everyone from clean-cut teenagers to hardcore drug users to suburban housewives.

The act of tattooing one’s skin [is] a transformative declaration of power, an announcement to the world: I am in control of my own flesh. 

The intoxicating feeling of control derived from physical transformation [addicts] millions to flesh-altering practices: cosmetic surgery, body piercing, bodybuilding, and steroids; even bulimia and transgendering.

The human spirit craves mastery over its carnal shell. 

 ~ excerpt from chapter 2 of Dan Brown’s best-seller, The Lost Symbol ~

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