..to the Initiates.

July 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

I penned.

It down, until at last it came to be,

For length and breadth, the bigness which you see.

~ (Manly P. Hall) 


The true subject of Arthur Schopenhauer‘s philosophy is the will; the object of his philosophy is the elevation of the mind to the point where it is capable of controlling the will.

Schopenhauer likens the will to a strong blind man who carries on his shoulders the intellect, which is a weak lame man possessing the power of sight. The will is the tireless cause of manifestation, and every part of Nature, the product of will.

The brain is the product of the will to know; the hand, the product of the will to grasp. The entire intellectual and emotional constitutions of man are subservient to the will and are largely concerned with the effort to justify the dictates of the will. Thus, the mind creates elaborate systems of thought simply to prove the necessity of the thing willed.

Genius, however, represents the state wherein the intellect has gained supremacy over the will, and the life, [therefore], is ruled by reason and not by impulse.

from The Secret Teachings of All Ages | 1928 ~ 

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