Glowien ~ (New Gods: Thais)

September 20, 2012 § 1 Comment

If the world be worth thy winning,

Think, O think it worth enjoying.

Lovely Thais sits beside thee,

Take the good the Gods provide thee.

(John Dryden)


*Saturday, May 30, 2020; 8:20 pm  – Location: classified*

Thais turned.

Upon landing Her delicate bare feet on the rainbowed cobblestone pathway that led up the 33-stepped marbled staircase to the College of Gnostic Science, She became aware of an infantile sound that attracted Her, most often undistracted, attention.

This, however, did not cause Her to cease Her gentle stride up the aforementioned case; still, She made a mental note of the sound to which She would later conduct a satisfactory restudy of.

Her thoughts, sliding seamlessly one to another, captured, for a brief instant, the relief and sense of gratitude She felt from flying just before She grounded out of the sweet-smelling air; the only sound being made, while in flight, was the almost inaudible patter of the fabric of Her ankle-length Black & gold silk toga as She slipped noiselessly through the twilit sky. She inwardly was thankful that Her Gift pressed upon Her to be volant. 

She reached the double-cedar door, at the acme of the steps, which was the height of three Giants. A peculiar entrance, for this door had no knob nor handle. It also had no knock, lock, bell, or hinges.

Thais always felt a sense of deep and well-deserved pride when reaching the precipice of this monolith.

The Architecture was older than Time, older than Me or You.

Its location was an everyman Mystery.

Those whom discovered its whereabouts realized it was hidden in plain sight all along, seeable by all, enabled to be enjoyed by everyone.

But Thais knew the inferior person, the silly multitude – those given to mob-psychology, lying, betrayal and deceit  –  couldn’t discover it. The Ancients saw to that, making certain the impossibility that the dull, base, immature, unintelligent, grossly narcissistic, imbalanced, unconscious, morally corrupt, asleep, fundamentally biased, polarized, and non-universal person would never locate this College. Only the broad & open-minded.  Only the introspective, the honest. Only the worthy will. Only the worthy can. And that’s how it shall remain.

Thais concluded humbling Herself for attaining initiation into this Elite Institution of High Beings. Her final thought, before entry, was how She loved the acronym of The College – C.O.G.S.  Verily, it was apropos.

She advanced a step closer toward the door and halted, Her powerful chest mere centimeters from brushing the cedar.  Closing Her beautifully illumed eyes and pursing Her supple mouth, She leaned in and kissed the old wood, confidently and assertively proclaiming the unageable passphrase: “I Am.” 

As She backed away, She took into the lungs of Her short, solid body, a deep breath, and as She exhaled, She walked through the immovable and unopened door.

~ written by Hiram Surtyr, illustrated by Ruth Barbee ~

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