Scientific Secrets of The Bible: The Allegory of the “Land of Milk & Honey”

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One of the greatest of tragedies, perhaps the tragedy, throughout history, has been the taking out of context of the religious doctrines of The Faiths – of interpreting scriptures as actual, and not as an allegory or metaphor of the Human themself (as an individual or as a species), and of the Universe or Cosmos.

For the initiates of The Lesser & Greater Mysteries this comes as no surprise. In fact, most learned of The Higher Teachings prefer to keep this knowledge hidden (occult).

Reason being, is that every person who is not gently initiated and guided through these sciences by someone skilled will immediately, and violently, reject the truths of this knowledge.


Because we all have been raised and conditioned from childhood through adulthood to believe and think, regarding God, in the ways of our parents, based on the way they were influenced by their parents, and so on. Or, the bipolar opposite stance that some adults take is, to completely negate all religious indoctrination from their upbringing by adhering to modern-day Atheism, which is a farce. For Atheism has been led from its original intention by frightened, apathetic intellectuals, into a club of sorts, to feel safe from the force of stronger psychologies – “They that deny a God destroy man’s nobility, for certainly man is of kin to the beasts by his body, and if he be not of kin to God by his spirit, he is a base and ignoble creature…” ~ (Francis Bacon, Of Atheism; The Essays or Counsels of 1625)  

Furthermore, there are strict laws and preachings of interpretation in everyone’s particular sect of religion that they were conditioned to reinforce and support, and because of that constant reinforced conditioning throughout their years, which have been perpetuated for centuries before them, the common people will not, if ever, allow themselves to believe and think differently about their religion and its limited interpretation.

On the other hand, there are few, not initiated in The Mysteries, that break the common bonds of their upbringing and become practitioners of mildly more enlightened spiritualism, i.e. – Buddhism, Hinduism, Noetics, amongst others.

But, it’s worth mentioning that all roads lead to Rome.


All Scripture, in The Authorized King James Version of The Holy Bible, relates to the human (anatomically, sub-anatomically, spiritually – what is meant by ‘spiritually’ is the energy radiated from the brain and body of every human being) and the seeable and unseeable Universe (The Solar System and abroad regarding astronomy, astrophysics, physics, quantum physics, subatomic physics, and ancient-astrology).

Sir Francis Bacon, of England, was a Rosicrucian. He was given charge, by King James, to order, edit & alter the Bible of 1611 as we know it today.

Being well-versed and initiated in The Lesser & Greater Mysteries, adept in all sciences and arts, multilingual, and of the utmost degree of erudition, Francis implanted in the poetry, history, and prose of the scriptures, scientific clues to decipher the metaphors set therein.

There’s an abundance of interpretations to the verses from Genesis to Revelation, and some have their proper place, but we must, if we are to be whole in our view and reasoning, examine the meaning of the dark sayings with a comparison to factual science.

I shan’t list the variety of passages that regard the anomalous quib of the land of milk & honey, but will simply use one to support the many.

Exodus 3:8 says, “And I am come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians, and to bring them up out of that land unto a good land and a large, unto a land flowing with milk and honey…”

Every thinker, Mystic, or student of The Ancient Mysteries understands that the land flowing with milk and honey is an allegory for the human head & body, with a particular emphasis on the brain, the heart and its blood stream, and the nervous system; the root of the nervous system and conductor of all activity throughout the body is the brain. A typical brain contains approx. one-hundred billion neurons:

“Like stars in the universe, neurons don’t occupy all of the brain, most of which is water [elixir of life]. And neurons don’t act alone…90% of the brain’s cells are spidery glia (Greek for “glue”). A varied crowd of cells with many jobs, from cook to bodyguard, they’re dominated by star-shaped astrocytes, which unfurl long arms and reach right into synapses, altering events. Without glia, neurons would be nothing. On their own, neurons can’t feed or sheathe themselves, avoid saboteurs, make themselves understood. For some while, these glial cells were regarded mainly as filler, the gummy sludge holding neurons in place. But now they’re taken more seriously, not just as the neurons’ servants but possibly their handlers. A tightly packed corps, they nourish the neurons with lactate (manufactured from glucose in the blood).” – {An Alchemy of Mind: The Marvel & Mystery of the Brain, Dr. Diane Ackerman}

In addition to the above linked definition to “glucose”, Webster’s New World Dictionary defines it as “a crystalline sugar occurring naturally in fruits, honey, etc;” and it is basic knowledge that to “lactate” means, to secrete milk.


Notwithstanding the other opinions on this subject, The Land Flowing with Milk & Honey is literary symbolic wording for the acquisition, and function, of physical and mental ability existent in every human being from what the brain and body naturally produce.

With only a slight shift of perspective, based on scientific facts and reasoning, examined and ciphered to the coded, religious-poetry of The Bible, it is, therefore, easy for any critical thinker to understand that the enigmatic language of ancient scripture relates to attributes of the material, feeling, and thinking human.

~ Hiram Surtyr ~

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