The Girl & The Goddess

April 14, 2013 § 1 Comment

The Hiram Ros Imperare: publishings of rare esoterica

In a garden of Vatican City, a priest sat down on an early morning with a group of children to discuss ancient stories about God.  He told them the tale of the Greek myth Pandora’s Box, as well as the story of Adam and Eve.

The children were intrigued.

The priest, being a gifted raconteur, made them laugh and wince at the sensational narratives of Pandora and Eve being responsible for the evils, disease, and atrocities of the past, current climate, and the time to come.

When the priest concluded, he asked the aspiring young disciples if they had questions. He waited for a moment. None raised their hand, nor their voice. As he stood to adjourn, the youngest of the bunch stood with him.

“Yes, my dear? Do you have a concern?”

“Yes, Padré,” she said.

“Speak, young one.”

“It seems to me that those stories are rubbish.”


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