The Human Perfected

May 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

I have now, My dear [Kindred], given you all the essential information upon this subject in brief form. I shall describe the work of translation in the sequel.

The High Priest (Universe, or, One who lives in The Mind, or, One who is One with The Universe, i.e. Macrocosm) selected Men (people or thoughts) of the finest character and the highest culture, such as one would expect from Their noble parentage.

They were Men & Women who had not only acquired proficiency in Jewish literature, but had studied most carefully that of the Greeks as well.

They were specially qualified therefore for serving on embassies and They undertook this duty whenever it was necessary.

They possessed a great facility for conferences and the discussion of problems connected with the law.

They espoused the middle course – and this is always the best course to pursue.

They abjured the rough and uncouth manner in mankind.

Truly They were altogether above pride, and yet, rightfully with grace, They assumed an air of superiority over others, and in conversation of any depth, They were ready to listen and give an honest answer to every question.

All of Them diligently observed these tenets, more-so, and were enthused, above, beyond & within, to excel.

They were, all of Them, worthy of Themself and of Their own particular virtue.

~ from The Forgotten Books of Eden ~

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