A Truth About Freemasonry

December 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

The Hiram Ros Imperare: publishings of rare esoterica

I’m not a member of any specific Masonic Lodge; still, by and by, and through many hardships won from succeeding over false adversity, to prove Myself to Myself as trustworthy, I have become The Adept of Freemasonry’s Secret Knowledge. 

(Hiram Surtyr)


“Perhaps you should join the Masons or Eastern Star and learn about it from the source.”

“We can’t get in,” a young man argued. “The Masons are like a super-secret society!”

“Super-secret? Really?” Langdon remembered the large Masonic ring that his friend Peter Solomon wore proudly on his right hand. “Then why do Masons wear obvious Masonic rings, tie clips, or pins? Why are Masonic buildings clearly marked? Why are their meeting times in the newspaper?” Langdon smiled at all the puzzled faces. “My friends, the Masons are not a secret society…they are a society with secrets.”

“Same thing,” someone muttered.

“Is it?” Langdon challenged. “Would you consider…

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